Treatment for Piles

Treatment for Piles

Treatment for Piles
Piles are hemorrhoids that get swollen because of the increased pressure to the cells surrounding the anal canal. It can be either internal or external. In both instances, the symptoms of this disorder are quite painful.

The procedure of treatment differ according to the nature of piles. Nowadays, ayurvedic medicine for piles is also being used as an alternative. Some of the treatment options for Piles are:

Banding – This procedure is usually performed on patients suffering from grade 2 and grade 3 type of piles. In some cases, it may be used to treat grade 1 piles depending on the symptoms. In banding, a rubber band is placed at the base of the hemorrhoid with the help of a suction device or forceps. This will ensure that the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is cut off. Ultimately, it will drop off after some days. The tissues around the affected area will eventually heal. Some people may face complications while undergoing the treatment. But, this happens in very rare cases.

Hemorrhoidectomy – It is a traditional method of operating on the patient. This operation is carried out to cut away the more stubborn hemorrhoids. This operation is mostly performed on patients suffering from grade 3 or 4 piles. This treatment is undertaken after the failure of banding or some other method. The operation has no side-effects as such. But, one may experience pain for a few days after the operation. Also, some may experience complications like difficulty in passing stools or urinary tract infections after the operation.

Treatment for Piles

Sclerotherapy– This technique is mostly used in treating grade 2 and 3 piles. It is considered as a good alternative treatment to banding or other such painful treatment. A solution is injected in the base tissues of the affected area. Eventually, the piles will reduce and drop off. This result is similar to banding, minus the banding part. But, the injecting procedure may be painful, but only for a little while.

Infrared coagulation – This type of treatment is effective in treating grade 1 and 2 piles. This method does not involve any painful procedure. In this method, infrared radiations are projected on the affected area. This infrared energy induces the infected cells to burn off. The blood supply to the hemorrhoid is cut off. This results in the shrinking of the swollen area.

Stapled hemorrhoidopexy – This procedure involves blocking the blood supply to the affected area. The affected section around the anal canal is cut off using a circular stapling gun. Because of this, the piles are pulled back. Also, the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is reduced. The hemorrhoids will then shrink back because of the reduced blood flow. Compared to the traditional piles removal operations, this procedure is less painful.This is because the cutting procedure is carried out above the piles and not directly on the affected area.

Surgery – This is the method of treatment for particularly large piles. This procedure may also be used for extremely uncomfortable hemorrhoids. This method of treatment is used when other procedures prove ineffective.The success rate of this surgery is huge. But, the patient has to adopt lifestyle and dietary changes as well. Otherwise, there is the risk of hemorrhoid recurrence. Also, the ultimate treatment method of surgery is usually used in the case of grade 3 and 4 piles.

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